How to help your staff manage stress

It seems as if more and more companies are striving to offer their employees better packages with extra perks. Tech companies appear to be leading the way with longer maternity/paternity leave, restaurant vouchers, gym membership, yoga classes, free pic-n-mix  and an abundance of table tennis tables. 

However, it’s not only the material stuff that counts. Implementing management structures that seek to nurture and value their staff, creates a workplace with high moral and low staff turnover. It motivates employee’s innovation and work ethic, consequently achieving better customer satisfaction. Not only do these perks and management structures enable a better workplace but they gain the advantage that potential employees will seek them out for employment, leading to a pool of applicants from which employers can take the cream.

Although, they don’t just offer the fun stuff, many companies recognize that providing staff access to services that look after their mental health will also benefit, through schemes such as an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which provides counselling. After all, according to the HSE, 57% of sick days were taken in 2017/2018 due to stress, depression and anxiety. 

But we don’t all connect with the same methods of help. How often have you read somewhere that doing this or that will reduce stress, anxiety or depression? Gardening, walking, having a pet are all common suggestions. However, some people couldn’t think of anything worse than getting on the ground to dig up weeds and for others having a dog to look after could send them over the edge. One size doesn’t fit all, and it can be hard to figure out what size does fit. Providing your staff with access to options for coping with stress is a great idea as hopefully they will find something that does work for them. That gym membership, yoga at lunch time or the photography club you are subsidising could be the answer to help some of your staff de-stress. Hypnosis is a great one to add to the wealth of options out there. 

Hypnotherapy is a proven method for dealing with stress. In 2002 the British Medical Association recommended that hypnotherapy should be classified as ‘integrative’ medicine rather than alternative. There is evidence to show that people have been using hypnosis as early as the ancient Egyptians in 1550bc, but unfortunately and unjustifiably more recently it has gained a reputation for entertainment and mind control. In my Group Sessions in the Workplace I offer instant stress relief and I teach techniques for managing stress. These can be one- off’s or run over a number of sessions.

They are voluntary: they are NOT interactive, and I do NOT make anyone do anything silly. I have a variety of off-the-shelf sessions including relaxation before work, consisting of a half  hour session to get your staff ready for the day and/or an hour one-off session that will help your staff leave their work at work and be better able to enjoy their down time. Thus making them more efficient and productive while they are in work.

I find that hypnotherapy really resonates with many people and from one Hypnotherapy in the Workplace Session they then seek it out privately. It provides staff with an awareness of what’s out there to help manage stress and anxiety and is another option to show your staff that you value them.