Hypnobirthing and Changing Perspectives

Have you had the pleasure of being regaled with stomach churning horror birth stories? Has the bad press increased on the announcement of your pregnancy? One theory to explain why these these negative stories stick in our minds is that our brains are hard wired to remember danger. Our ancestors needed to know about the monstrous creature living in the cave that might eat them in order to survive.

We as human beings are more interested in the bad news, we’ve all heard the phrase referring to the newspapers “If it bleeds, it leads,” and that’s because our brains react more strongly to negative stories.

Not only do we more easily recall the grim stories, we are also bombarded with negative messages about birth. Have a think about the messages you have received since you were a child… How does TV and film picture childbirth? What do you think is realistic? A screaming woman on her back? Have you heard a man being told “try shi**ing a bowling ball?” Have you seen a baby with a head the size of a bowling ball? There is a lot of misinformation out there which slowly filters into our brain and forms a perception about birth.

Hypnobirthing by no means suggests birth is easy, but going into it with fear is not going to help you have the best birth you can. Fear causes panic, tension and stress, tightening your muscles and releasing unhelpful hormones. Ideally you want to go into birth feeling empowered not terrified, be informed by the reality not the fear and to know you have choices.

Hypnobirthing can help you change your perspectives on birth, helping you to become calm, confident and in control. You can have a positive birth experience. 

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