What are you afraid of?

The dark? Needles? Clowns? People are afraid of a wide and astonishing variety of things. First time parents often develop new phobias as they become aware of their own mortality, such as the fear of flying. Grown men, all of a sudden and for no apparent reason known to them, can no longer get on a tube, and people spend their whole lives avoiding outside spaces because of a phobia of birds. When fears become obstacles and prevent you living your life to its fullest, you can get help.

We’ve all heard the theory of ‘facing our fears’ and there is definitely some truth to this, but it can be a hard thing to do: support can make all the difference. Say, for example, you are afraid of spiders, some zoos will allow you to go and hold the spiders to help you get over your fear. This should desensitise you, as the more you interact with the spiders without getting hurt, the less afraid you will be. Although maybe just standing next to the reptile house is as far as you can get in your first trip, so that you can gradually build yourself up to actually touching a spider. However instead of multiple trips to the zoo, you can do all this in hypnosis, like a form of virtual reality. You can be relaxing on a comfy sofa, with a caring therapist guiding you through a vivid experience in your own imagination. At all times the therapist will be aware of your comfort levels, and seeking to keep you as relaxed and calm as possible. If you’re getting too anxious you will be taken further away from what you fear and helped to relax until you are ready to move forward.

Imagination is a powerful thing, we can summon emotion just picturing something in our minds. Most people have woken up from a dream that was terrifyingly real, we were actually scared: the images were imagined but the emotions were real.

Hypnosis can use your imagination to desensitise you to the cause of your fear. However that’s not the only tool in the box, there are many other techniques that a good hypnotherapist can use to help you.

Have a look at this article which explains how hypnosis helped to overcome a fear of driving, and if you want to get rid of an obstacle in your life please get in touch via my contact page.