What are you good at?

Thinking about your personality strengths is a great way to recognise some positives and congratulate yourself for being a wonderful person, but how have you interpreted your character strengths in the past? Have you viewed them as personality flaws? For example, if one of your top strengths is the love of learning have you seen this in the past as a negative, a jack of all trades, master of nothing? Or have you always considered yourself a push-over because you have a forgiving nature? Instead try to think of how you can change the narrative, having a love of learning makes you interesting, curious and worldly and being forgiving is a wonderfully generous aspect of your nature.

Learn to incorporate your strengths in all aspects of your life, really utilising these traits is a great way to get more fulfillment and satisfaction. Doing the things you do well, and the things that you love to do, feels great.

Have a look at this online survey to discover your character strengths and if you’re struggling with negative thoughts about yourself, need help to break a cycle of low self esteem, want to boost your confidence and happiness then hypnotherapy could be the thing that works for you.