Would you have a home birth like Megan Markle?

I didn’t consider a home birth because my new army quarter didn’t really feel like home, although I would have been an excellent candidate as I was healthy and had an uncomplicated pregnancy. 

Being in a comfortable, relaxing environment for birth is beneficial to women and their babies, helping to produce oxytocin and lowering stress hormones, in turn reducing the risk of intervention. For some women giving birth at home may be the environment they need to provide comfort and familiarity. Women who have a fear of hospitals due to previous bad experiences, with the possibility of bringing back painful memories, having a home birth may be the best option. 

For others, who have had pregnancy complications or past birth trauma, a hospital with the fancy equipment and doctors is the right choice… of course, there will be others for whom just the thought of giving birth at home incorporates nightmares of freestyle carpet upholstery and Fenton the dog trying to act the midwife.

Ultimately women should have a choice where to give birth, it is an individual and a personal decision so here are some stats released from NICE (click here) to help you make an informed choice.