Hypnobirthing aims to provide you with tools to aid your birth so you can stay calm, confident and in control of your birthing experience. It is all about empowering you to manage your own individual experience and get the best outcomes. Hypnosis can be used to relieve anxiety with physical relaxation; to practice for birth using visualisation; and to empower through education. It can offer you strategies to cope with pain by providing you with the skills required to conduct self-hypnosis even in challenging circumstances. The breathing techniques you will learn enable more oxygen to reach your muscles relaxing you and, importantly, your baby.


How hypnobirthing helped me

During my first birth I felt out of control, unable to deal with the pain and as it progressed i became more and more wound up causing distress to my unborn son. This led to intervention. I did not want to go through that again without help. After a course of hypnotherapy I felt confident that my second birth would be a better experience, I felt ready. I had a different mindset, a new range of skills and the result, for my daughter and I, was a wonderful birth.

The skill set I learnt from my practitioner not only enabled me to have a better birth but also gave me a new approach to other areas of my life from solving problems to self confidence. I learnt techniques for coping with stress which I continue to practice and having seen it work firsthand I knew what I wanted to do… so I retrained as a hypnotherapist.

The Benefits of Hypnobirthing

There are many studies and articles that I recommend and I think it is an important distinction that hypnobirthing is encouraged and supported by many NHS Trusts and Midwives. Some of the key benefits are:

  • significantly diminishing the need for medication and intervention

  • shortening the length of labour

  • increased confidence

  • the harnessing of more positive emotions throughout the birth

  • creating better memories

  • better bonding

  • reduction of incidences of post natal depression

  • a calmer and more laid back baby

Academic Sources and Articles about Hypnobirthing

  • Fear of Childbirth: A Norway study of 2206 women showed that the duration of labour was longer for those women who had a fear of childbirth.

  • Reduction in analgesia: This 1993 study in Wales shows a significant reduction in the use of analgesic agents for women who used hypnosis.

  • Fear of childbirth and ways of coping for pregnant women and their partners: This article explains some of the fears that prospective parents have and the impact this has on their birth experience. It challenges some of the beliefs that people have about childbirth such as the myth that medical intervention in low risk pregnancies increases safety for mothers and babies.

  • The Royal College of Midwives published this article about hypnobirthing

  • The Outcomes of Hypnobirthing: an American paper studying the results of hypnobirthing shows fewer medical interventions, including episiotomy’s, cesarean sections and fewer epidurals.


Advanced Hypnobirthing Course

Because I wanted to ensure that my clients received the highest quality of service I completed my training with easibirthing®, a model that has been developed in conjunction with midwives and complements current UK birthing practices. easibirthing® only trains fully qualified hypnotherapists or hypno-psychotherapists and it’s practitioners actually receive NHS funding in some parts of the country due to the evidence-base of this model so you know you are getting the best course possible.

As a fully trained and well practiced hypnotherapist you can rest assured that I have an advanced expertise and knowledge of the psychological processes involved and how our brain works during childbirth. This means that the advanced hypnobirthing course you complete with me will not only teach techniques such as relaxation but will also teach you how to manage sensations of pain and discomfort by re-programming the brain's response to messages from nerve endings.

As everyones needs are different I offer a bespoke service. During the free consultation I can explain to you the program I follow and how we can then tailor that to suit your needs.

Most client’s start with me from 20 weeks onwards however this depends entirely on your circumstances. I charge £60 for an hour and I am happy to work with couples or the mother alone.

I see people with a wide range of issues relating to childbirth including:

  • Phobias:

    • the fear of birth (Tokophobia)

    • needles

    • hospitals

    • any other phobia

  • Past births trauma or any other trauma that is relating to your pregnancy

  • Previous post natal depression

Please get in contact if you wish to discuss any issues relating to your pregnancy and arrange a free consultation.

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