Group Sessions at your workplace

Unlocking the potential of you and your teams is key to success. The wellbeing and increased “focus” of your people drives success as worries, fears, anxieties and stresses are replaced with confidence, clarity of thought, courage and increased emotional control. My hypnosis sessions are designed exclusively to work with groups and I am confident that they can be the extra 1% your team needs to be the best!

The focused concentration and hypnosis sessions are ideal for small groups, can easily be conducted during breaks, at lunch or even before or after work. All you need to provide is a space, such as a meeting room or private office.

The sessions are not about group work or team building; there is no “forced” interaction between people. Instead each individual has their own, entirely private, experience within the group setting focussed on a common outcome.

I provide behavioural therapy, relaxation, stress reduction and the teaching of critical skills designed to strengthen the individual and fit neatly into daily life.

In terms of fees and group sizes I charge £80 for a 30 minute session, £150 for the hour (plus travel expenses) with group sizes usually being somewhere between 6-15 people. If you would like to arrange a bespoke session or delivering to larger groups such as staff retreats, away days, seminars or conferences then I welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements via email or phone.


Group Sessions

Please see below some of the sessions I run which are typically designed to be 30-60 mins. If there is something you don’t see or are unsure about then just drop me a line.



Experience the most relaxing, wonderful feeling you can whilst awake and without drugs. This session is a simple half an hour of pure relaxation, ideal for rejuvenating on a short break or a great kick start to the day. Clear your mind and awake fresh and ready to achieve. For this session I provide yoga mats

  • Mental and physical health benefits

  • Develop clarity of thought

  • Practice calming techniques



During this session individuals can choose an area in their life that they wish to increase their confidence in. Nothing personal is shared, it is entirely private to the individual.

  • Improve delivery techniques and personal presentation

  • Develop critical leadership skills

  • Build a firm bedrock for future professional success


Teaching Self-Hypnosis for Stress Management

Self hypnosis is a fantastic way to relax and manage stress. During the session your staff will learn to hypnotise themselves. A useful life skill that you can use everyday for a little as five minutes to improve your whole day. You should come away from this session feeling relaxed, refreshed and with a new lifeskill.

  • Self control

  • Stress management


Achieving Goals

We all have things we want to achieve in life, whether it’s eating healthier, finishing a project at work or feeling more confident speaking in meetings. This hour long session uses hypnosis to help your staff achieve their goals and live their lives to the fullest.

  • Clear and focussed goal setting

  • Led by the individual

  • Increases individual and team productivity


Leaving Work at Work

Some people find it hard to switch off from the job which, in turn, can cause stress at home, relationship issues, insomnia, health problems and many other concerns. This hypnotherapy session is ideal for front line workers such as police, social workers and anyone else who can’t leave the most challenging parts of their professions at work.

It is designed to help people switch off from work as they leave, so they can rest and rejuvenate before starting again. The therapy is an effective way to manage the stress of hard working people and give them a better quality of life with their loved ones, making a healthier and happier workforce.